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Englisch: C1/C2

5 Kurse
Elena Taddia
Fachbereichsleitung Sprachen

English B2 / C1 - Conversation Kleingruppenkurs
Mo. 26.02.2024 09:00

Looking for a fun course to refresh your English? Whether it’s for your holiday, your job, or just to keep your brain linguistically fit, come and join us. We’ll be using Spotlight magazine (one issue per semester), along with other reading materials (e.g. short stories, newspaper articles). Although the emphasis is on fluency, grammar weakness will be addressed as needed. All this in a relaxed and positive learning environment!

Kursnummer 241-31594
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Gebühr: 168,00
Dozent*in: Cheryl Khan-Stock
English C1 - Advanced Conversation Kleingruppenkurs
Mo. 26.02.2024 18:00

Our main reading material is "Spotlight". This magazine provides a rich blend of topics which will enable you to practise and improve your speaking skills both in everyday life and in business situations, expand and enrich your vocabulary and, when necessary, smooth out those recurring grammatical problems. And all this in a relaxed and fun classroom environment.

Kursnummer 241-31680
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Gebühr: 168,00
Dozent*in: Cheryl Khan-Stock
English C1 - Advanced Conversation
Di. 27.02.2024 09:30

We discuss topics of interest to the group, often drawing from articles from "Spotlight" magazine and other sources.

Kursnummer 241-31675
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Gebühr: 135,00
Dozent*in: Imelda Funk
Business Communication B2 / C1 Max. 8 Plätze
Mo. 11.03.2024 18:00
Max. 8 Plätze

We mean business! This course will target speaking and writing skills for business communication. During 12 sessions we will focus on six main points: Networking skills, Writing e-mails in preparation for meetings, Communicating accurately, Preparing a presentation, Making requests, Offers and recommendations, Reporting factual information. This course will provide you with strategies to communicate more efficiently and polish your English skills for a professional environment. Nach der Anmeldung erhalten Sie rechtzeitig den nötigen Link, mit dem Sie sich bequem von jedem Ort aus auf einem entsprechenden Gerät einloggen können.

Kursnummer 241-31859W
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Gebühr: 156,00
Anmeldeschluss am Tag vor Veranstaltungsbeginn.
Dozent*in: Liana Hakobyan
English C1 / C2 – Book Club Small group course
Mi. 20.03.2024 10:30
Markt Schwaben
Small group course

Do you like reading in English? Are you interested in classical as well as contemporary literature? Would you like to get more out of the book you are currently reading? Can you imagine discussing your impressions with others who have also read this book? Do you wish to exercise and improve your speaking skills? If two or more of the above apply, then why not sign up for an adventure into the world of fiction? We buy our own books and meet once in month. Book to be read for the first session: Benjamin Myers – The Offing.

Kursnummer 241-31978
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Gebühr: 60,00
Dozent*in: Nicholas Lack
13.06.24 06:35:38